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We are the official dealer for Britespan Buildings Systems.

Post-tension fabric buildings feature an innovative form of construction that combines a durable fabric membrane and high-strength steel cables to create structurally sound buildings. After the fabric membrane is installed, the cables are tensioned to add additional stability and strength to the structure.

Post-Tension Fabric Buildings in Wilson, North Carolina

Post-tension fabric buildings are often used for commercial or large-scale industrial applications here in Wilson, North Carolina and beyond. One of the main benefits of these buildings is that they are flexible and adaptable – you can easily replace or modify the fabric membrane over time to accommodate for changes in the building’s design or use. Additionally, post-tension fabric buildings are lightweight and can be constructed quickly at a lower price than traditional building methods.

At Carolina Bay Construction, we proudly erect post-tension fabric buildings for commercial, agricultural, and municipal projects of all types. We are also the official dealer for Britespan Building Systems, the leading manufacturer of post-tension fabric buildings, here in North Carolina.

Post-tension fabric buildings produced by Britespan Building Systems are engineered to last a generational lifespan and feature an advanced modular design. This unique design accommodates for replaceable modules, simple repairs and additions, and adaptable parts for future expansion.

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Custom designs are available, and we can help you design and construct the ideal post-tension fabric building for your operation and location. For additional information about Britespan Building Systems or to set up a consultation with our expert team of construction professionals, reach out to us today.

At Carolina Bay Construction, we construct post-tension fabric buildings for customers in Goldsboro, Smithfield, Wilson, Jacksonville, New Bern, Morehead City, and Emerald Isle, North Carolina, as well as throughout Wayne County, Bladen County, Craven County, Greene County, Pitt County, Beaufort County, Duplin County, and Tyrrell County.

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