What are Pre-Engineered Buildings?

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Depending on your project, you may not want to go with a traditional build. Pre-engineered buildings are an excellent solution to save time, and in many cases, reduce what you spend on the new building.

What are Pre-Engineered Buildings?

The building components of pre-engineered buildings are manufactured at a facility, transported to the building site, and then assembled there. These structural components are fabricated to the exact right size at the factory and then usually bolted together with connections at the building site.

At Carolina Bay Construction, we usually recommend pre-engineered buildings to our clients who want to build:

  • Warehouses and storage units
  • Industrial buildings and small manufacturing buildings
  • Commercial office buildings and small retail buildings

Once the structural steel framing system is bolted together and fully assembled, the rest of the building project typically involves adding a metal roofing system and then incorporating wall panels using varying materials. We have created pre-engineered metal buildings that include wall panels with insulated sandwich panels to walls with single skin sheeting and added insulation. Either way, this concept creates a complete building envelope system that allows for maximum energy efficiency and optimal temperature control.

After the approval of the design drawings, we can typically deliver pre-engineered buildings to the site and assemble them within just a few weeks. If you want to know more about this type of building and if one would be a good option for your upcoming build, contact us today.