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Let us go over the many benefits of masonry framing for residential and commercial projects.

One of the first decisions when it comes to planning a residential or commercial building is whether to go with wood or masonry framing. Since Goldsboro, North Carolina is relatively close to the coast, it is susceptible to hurricane-force winds at times. If you would like the strongest structural integrity to withstand adverse weather such as hurricanes, masonry framing is the preferred option. At Carolina Bay Construction, we are experienced with both kinds of framing, and we are happy to go over the cost differences, as well as benefits of each, so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Conventional Construction in Goldsboro, North Carolina

Another benefit of masonry framing is that it is less susceptible to destruction from fire. Various industries that are at higher risk of fire, such as restaurants, often opt for masonry framing for this reason. The strength of masonry lends itself well to buildings with more than one story too. If sound suppression is desired, consider that concrete masonry framing delivers a quieter environment than wood framing. Masonry framing does generally cost a bit more upfront, but the benefits can easily make the investment worthwhile.

If you have questions about masonry framing or anything else to do with our residential and commercial construction or remodeling services, don’t hesitate to reach out to schedule a consultation appointment. We welcome the chance to show you the benefit of working with a company that will support your vision and make it a reality through dedication to quality workmanship, top-quality materials, and unrivalled customer service.

At Carolina Bay Construction, we offer conventional construction services for customers in Goldsboro, Smithfield, Wilson, Jacksonville, New Bern, Morehead City, and Emerald Isle, North Carolina.